If you are into good hip hop music then you wont be disappointed that you’ve found the right place to provide the skills needed to complement your songs. I have been into Hip Hop a very long time and have a great interest in producing tracks for artist. I have high attention to my productions and I try to complement your desires that are result driven. I have great confidence if you into trap, hardcore, themed Hip Hop songs, then you will definitely agree that my Southern  Hip Hop Beats for production will fit the trends.
I have a tightly knit production process plus I give special attention to detail when I produce my beats. My relationship to Hip-Hop is very close and  it has been for many years. Being a part of a musical family I have grown all from learning while from being in the studio. For years I have been trying to make it all comer together. Doing music is something that I enjoy! Some of my favorite Genres are Pop, Funk, and Disco. If you have a new project or some new sound you are looking for, I invite you to check out my style. Welcome to Harvey Mason Trap Instrumentals.